Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Catch Up from the Weekend(s)

This past weekend we visited Andrew's mom in Greenville and had an awesome time, as always. The weather was perfect, and we had awesome home cooked food. Trey, Megan, Hallie, and Ethan came over to visit Saturday night. It was so good to catch up with them and watch their kiddos play in the floor. Megan is also pregnant, due August 30th with another little boy!

Megan, Preggo, Ms. Debbie

Ms. Debbie's magnolia tree is beautiful and smelled divine!

While visiting at Andrew's mom's house, Andrew discovered a kitten outside. Please note Andrew pretty much hates cats, but loooves kittens. Me--not a fan of either. So he brought the little flea bag inside for a while and wanted his picture made with it. His mom loves to tell the story of Andrew sneaking in kittens from outside when he was little and putting them in the bottom of his sleeping bag so he could sleep with them. He's still such a boy at heart!

And just to play catch up from Andrew's birthday...

The camo diaper bag he wanted :)

The Field & Stream cake...with pink candles. I was a bad wife and forgot candles. And clearly, the cake decorator is not an avid hunter because if the gunman shoots, he'll miss the dear by a mile!

1 comment:

Wade said...

Cool diaper bag, dude!

(One must be very confident in his own masculinity to say that out loud!)

I've got my own diaper bag that doesn't cause me public humiliation to carry around - let Audra handle the frilly monogrammed over-sized purse!

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