Thursday, May 15, 2008

What names for "Grandmother"?

My mom wants a somewhat unique name. The only common one she really likes is Nana. She also liked Granna, but then the other day she said she wanted a more unique name. Her first name is Paula. Any suggestions?

What about Nonna? Is that widely used?


Hilary said...

Honey? My HS History teacher's grandkids called her that.

Andrew said...

I think Peetee would be great!

Luke & Amanda said...

When I am a grandmother, I am going to be Honey, and Luke is going to be Papa Bear!

Anyway, Paula Deen is Grandlady and I love that!

My mom will be KK one day...she is Kathy...I will be thinking of one for Paula!

Wade said...

My mother goes by MoMere - which she incorrectly tells people is french for "my mother".

(Ma Mere would be the correct pronunctiation!)

Kelly's mom goes by Mimi.

Andrew & Audra said...

Good suggestions so far, minus Andrew's. lol. Nice honey. ;)

Amanda--if I used that way to name my mom (like KK) she'd be PP. Somehow, that just doesn't flow as well. lol!

Kacie said...

Oma (Grandmother in German)
Granna (I like this)

That's all I've got. Seriously - she's gotta quit being so picky!

Amanda said...

Ok, my mom is Nana to Caleb. My best friends boy calls her mom Nana. However, one I REALLY think is cute, my other good friends daughter calls her GM "Yaya" which is greek for grandma. Mimi is another one I know some people use.

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