Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bedrest Schmedrest

I'm on day 2 of bedrest on my doctors' (ordered by more than one!) orders, and I already have a missing patch of hair on my head. From lying on that side of my head for too long? No. From pulling my hair out from boredom!

I am not one who enjoys sitting still too long, ESPECIALLY if my house is a mess or I have preparations for let's say...a new member of the family. Ahhh! Do you know the junk that's on television during the day? I can only hold so much garbage in my brain before I feel like I'm a dumber person for tuning in to such programs.

I'm making a list and need your help of things to add to it:
1. Write a book, publish it, and make boocoodles of money. Okay, that's a lie.
2. Start scrapbooking
3. Catch up on my Bible reading--this is an area I really need to work on!
4. Volunteer to bring home packets and organization materials for VBS to work on
5. Take pictures of myself lying on the couch and post them for you to see. Scratch that one too.
6. Read my baby books.
7. Exercise my legs to avoid a blood clot.

I'm not a fan of crossword puzzles or sudoku, so those are automatically out. This is terrible...and I have SO much longer to go. It didn't seem nearly this long before I was stuck on the couch! Suggestions even if I don't know you...please!


Wade said...

If it gets really bad you can always have Andrew make puppets out of his socks and do puppet shows for you at the foot of your bed.

I realize it's kinda childish but that's nothing compared to some of the silly stuff the both of you will be doing once this baby arrives!

Hang in there!

Andrew & Audra said...

Awesome idea. I could make the puppets during the day--sew on eyes and a mouth--and let Andrew put on the big show at night. ha ha! Now how do I talk Andrew into doing this? It'd be the shortest puppet show ever!

Hilary said...

scrapbooking sounds like a great idea. You could email me at work. that would be great...i need entertainment. Okay, my best idea yet, get a puppy...seriously. When Lucy first came to the house I did NOTHING but hold her. She was soooooooooooooooo adorable and she slept all the time. I wouldn't move b/c I didn't want to wake her. Just looking at her was my entertainment. Sort of like a baby before the baby...i know you won't take my suggestion seriously.

Kacie said...

I second Hilary's suggestion. :)

Andrew & Audra said...

I'm all about emailing Hil at work. A dog on the other hand, would not only skyrocket my heartrate but my blood pressure. lol!

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