Monday, June 2, 2008

The belly--in all its glory (UPDATED)

My sister, Kacie, just got a fancy schmancy new camera and asked me to be her first lab rat in taking pictures with it. She did a fabulous job and got some cute pictures, and I'm so glad we took them! Andrew even participated without ever complaining--except that he had to change clothes. ;) A HUGE thank you to Kacie for coming and spending the weekend with me, preventing me from going insane by myself! Also a big thanks to mom for coming up on Saturday and getting me out of the house and buying us stuff we'll need for the baby and after delivery! I've got ideas stirring in my head for burp clothes and cute clothes that I'll reveal later. ;)

Without further adieu...



Luke & Amanda said...

You. Are. Precious.

Those pictures are absolutely priceless. Kacie did a wonderful job, and you look hot!


Hilary said...

Kacie is going great guns with her new camera!

Jennifer said...

those pictures are so good! Kacie did a good job.

Shannon said...

Those are great pictures! I took the same one with my hands in a heart. You will love having those to look back on when your belly isn't there anymore!

Andrew & Audra said...

Thank you for your sweet comments. She DID do a great job!

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