Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eventful OB Visit

So I went in for my noon appointment at the OB today knowing I was having a non-stress test. Of course Drew's heartrate only went up once when it was supposed to go up twice. Stinker was sleeping. The bigger surprise was that I was having contractions--4 in 30 minutes--and didn't even know it! Thinking back on the last few days, I guess I've had a few that felt like cramps, but I wrote it off as nothing. Hey, when you've never done this "person growing thing" before, you don't know what's what!

So since he had only one heart acceleration in the 30 minute time period, we had to go eat lunch and come back for the biophysical profile (big word that read to me as "ultrasound to make sure he's reactive). Hey, another ultrasound? I wasn't complaining! So of course when I called Andrew and told him I was having an ultrasound, the little green man in him arose and he headed straight for the OB office.

I was an 8 lb. baby. Andrew was an 8 lb. baby. It looks like we're in for a 9 pounder. His head is measuring 38 weeks!! All his other body parts measured anywhere from 36-38 weeks. Mind you, we're 33 weeks and 5 days today. So, to say the least, HE'S BIG. They're saying he's about 2 weeks ahead of schedule on his weight--he's approximately 6 lbs! The best part was he passed the biophysical profile exam with a perfect score. Whew!

She checked me for dilation since I couldn't feel the contractions. One word to sum up that invigorating experience: OUCH! She said I'm extremely posterior so she couldn't tell 100% if I had dilated at all, but she didn't think so. Then she added "the baby's head is just right there! I mean he's LOW! He's RIGHT THERE!" Turns out at the ultrasound, she was violating his little bottom. He's breech. ;) Poor kid will think nothing of a little rectal thermometer now that he's had 2 fingers!

As far as the contractions go, she said if they get (this is where my memory becomes fuzzy) either 4-6 an hour or 4-6 minutes apart (I don't remember which--whoops) and I can't walk, talk, or breathe through them to go to the hospital. After 34 weeks, especially with steroids on board, she said they usually don't stop labor. That was quite a surprise. Either way, I better get to packing my bag soon in case my sweetheart decides to come early!

Thanks for all your sweet comments and prayers. You have no idea how much they've helped and how much they mean to us!


Amanda said...

Yes it was an eventful day ! Between Drew REALLY not liking the monitor (which was entertaining to watch !) and the but violation, don't know what made me laugh harder! Thanks for letting me sit in on the ultrasound, Andrew was hilarious and after the week I've had it was great to laugh like that ! I made a comment to Harper about her "violating" baby Drew and she said "Shes not breech !" opened your chart and said "oh my gosh she is !!! oops !" . I told her she must be really tired and she laughed. She also said she had a feeling he was big. Oh and by the way its 4-6 minutes apart for an hr go straight to L&D ! Anyways ! See ya at the next visit !!!!

Kelly said...

Pack that bag soon! :)

PS: Someone gave me this piece of advice that now I always pass along. Sorry! :) The idea is to buy a new scent of lotion to bring and use while you're at the hospital. From then on, whenever you smell that scent all kinds of special memories will come flooding back. It's strange and neat how a scent can trigger emotions like that.

Hilary said...

Oh. my. cow!!!

Tonya said...

I think the only thing that really matters is the can't walk, talk or breath. Trust me I've done this 4 times :) Hope everything works out for you! What a big boy.

Lainey-Paney said...

Man. I went into labor at 34 weeks, and they stopped it!
But, I was like you...I didn't know that what I was feeling was contractions!

Hope all goes well & you have a beautiful, healthy boy!

Andrew & Audra said...

Kelly--GREAT idea! I'm going to try that!

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