Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We Won?!

We won???

Those were my exact thoughts when I looked on Shari Barnes' website this morning. I was researching child photographers in the Memphis area back in May when I stumbled across her website, then her blog. I saw she was having a photography giveaway, to be chosen by a couple's "love story." Well, being on partial bedrest leaves me with LOTS of spare time, so I thought "why not?" I was glad to finally have it written down somewhere. To make a long story short, my basketball stomach & I nearly fell out of the chair when we saw the winners had been announced. If you're REALLY bored (because it's REALLY long), check out our love story on her page! Make sure to check out her beautiful photography as well. We're so excited! Thanks, Shari, for this awesome opportunity!

Shari Barnes' Blog Site


Shari said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to meeting you both! Ü

Shannon said...

How fun!

The room looks great, and I love the baby doll in the bassinet:) We drove around town with a baby doll in the carseat the week before Mallory got here!

Hilary said...

That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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