Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Letter to My Child

Disclaimer: I love my child very much. I want him to be healthy, above all, and be able to feed and breathe on his own. I would never want to put my own desires above his wellbeing. That being is high time that he make his appearance if he is able to eat and breathe on his own. Full term is Friday, and Mom here could not be more ready! Out of this readiness, a letter to my child. (This is meant to be fun. Please don't call me into child services.)

My dear, sweet child,
I have so enjoyed being the vessel that has grown you for the last 37 weeks. You've given me such joy with your kicks and turns and hiccups that make you bounce in my belly. I know it's very warm and cozy inside of me; however, your constant jabs in my left rib cage this morning left me feeling like I'd just been in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson. You must have had a restless morning because my belly looked like jelly for hours on end. This equated to very little and low quality sleep. I was hoping it would be to some avail and that you would have turned into the head down position. Alas, you're still transverse as far as I can tell, with your head on my right side and your little tushy on the left. May I just request that if we have another exhilarating night, such as last night, that you at least turn yourself into the head down position so we can move on with this labor thing. Another thing...if you can manage to break my water up in there somehow, that'd be great too. Use your head...your fingernails...whatever. You'll have to be resourceful since you're all that's in there. Anything else you can think of to speed this process along now that you're full term would be great. Mommy is in tears sometimes because she wants to hold you so badly and kiss your sweet baby tummy. Again, stay until you're good and healthy...but at that moment that you're fully ready, please do not haste in making your grand exit. We can't wait to see you!

Love, Mommy

We're off to mail off the last of the thank you notes and then head to the OB to ask lots of questions about where we'll go from next week's ultrasound. I'm also praying I don't put on another 5 lbs in a week when I have to stand on that dreaded scale. I'm the same weight on my scale today as I was last Wednesday, but you know how that goes. I'm sure my OB will decide to put me on a diet at week 37. HA!


Kacie said...

Good luck at the Doctor's office! I can't wait to find out what they say! Maybe you'll be wrong and he'll be head down! :) I love you! Text me about the doctor since I'll be at work and want to know so badly! Love you!

Kelly said...

I know it's hard but try to enjoy the last few days of just you and your hubby. Maybe if you go dancing tonight, the baby will turn around some more. :)

Hilary said...

okay, did I say I was going to call last week? well, I mean it this week!! I'm going to call soon.

Andrew & Audra said...

Kelly--Have you ever seen Steel Magnolias where the mayor's wife is dancing at the wedding and Clairee comments that "it looks like 2 pigs fightin' under a blanket." THAT'S what I'd look like dancing right now! ha!

Hilary--I think I said I was going to call you like a month ago. I'm running for worst friend of the year award; I don't wanna do anything to jeopardize it. ;)

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