Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Am I Allowed One Pregnancy Rant?

Jessica Alba had her baby girl. Keith and Nicole welcomed Sunday Rose on Monday morning (odd name). Hottie McConaughey & his girlfriend had their little boy last night. For crying out loud--Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby! I think Angelina Jolie and I are the only ones left pregnant. Seeing as how she always steals my spotlight, I'm sure she'll have her twins first in her lush French delivery suite. Here I'll still sit in September, bigger than a whale, carrying a 20 lb. toddler.

Can you tell I don't want to be pregnant anymore?

I think every full term pregnant woman reaches a moment where you're sure you will never deliver the child inside of you. You will forevermore lug around a humongous belly, every hip and back joint popping with every step, and you'll grunt every time you move. I am there.

We've had no indication that Friday is going to be our big day. Nope. Four extra nights of moving from bed to couch at night, trying to relieve the back pain. Four long, endless nights! I think that's the main reason I'm ready to have the baby. The back pain. Because of the way he's turned (his spine is on my spine), my back takes the brunt of his weight and movements. And wow--it's no small feat!

Baby, come NOW!!!

Thank you. Rant over.


Kelly said...

Funny! Sorry! :(

Kacie said...

Not much longer...

Luke & Amanda said...

i hate it when angelina steals my man and my spotlight! It will all be over before you know it!

Keep that "baby smell" in your head!

Shannon said...

You are funny. Here's hoping that you will go into labor sooner than later!!

Amanda said...

Hang in there! He's got to come out sometime...surely! On a scary note, you're kind of making me nervous about the last couple of weeks of my own pregnancy though-just kidding, kind of. Here's hoping for labor very very soon for you :)

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