Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Learning His Ways

Hallelujah! A gift from God arrived last night in the form of sleep. This sounds awful coming from a nurse's mouth, but forget research! Drew sleeping right next to me is the best form of sleep for ALL of us. All I have to do is roll over to feed him, and Andrew takes care of the dirty diapers. He sleeps right on top of my chest where he's most comfortable. Since we have little rousing between feedings (no up and down to the rocking chair, lights turning off and on, etc) he goes right back to sleep after he eats...and Mommy does too! I'm not sure how much Daddy likes getting up and changing those diapers though. ;)

On the downside, my little man has an adult sized bladder. This hasn't been proven yet, but I've got evidence towards the matter. SO many times now I've noticed that Drew had a wet diaper and went to change it. It wasn't SOAKED, but it was definitely wet. I lay him in his bassinet for his nap and 10-15 minutes later he's fussing. I walk over. The entire bassinet is covered in pee. I would blame Huggies for their diapers not being absorbent enough, but for this much pee, my little guy should probably be in an adult sized Depends. I'm talking it's in his hair, his outfit, his blanket, and his feet. He's soaked. This happens daily. Even nightly, like last night--when he was LYING ON ME. Fun times! Since I'm pretty straight forward, I'll tell you I just threw the shirt in the floor, had Andrew change Drew, and continued sleeping. Sleep > cleanliness right now.

Drew had to go in for a pediatrician visit yesterday since he had urinating problems on our discharge date. They wanted to make sure he was peeing okay, not jaundiced, and was gaining weight. He's gained 9 ounces in 5 days! Yay, little dude! So he's 8 lbs. 8 oz. as of yesterday. We don't have to go back for a month, but I believe we'll be switching peds. I wasn't at all crazy about the one we went to. I have a real problem when any healthcare worker walks into a room and starts doing stuff to a patient without explaining to the patient or their parent what in the world they're doing or assessing. This is especially true when my baby is screaming bloody murder because it hurts! Oh and it didn't make a good impression on me when I looked down and saw that the chairs in the waiting room were TAPED together at the legs with scotch tape so they wouldn't move. I don't know why that bothered me so much, but it did. Oh and the well child and sick child waiting areas were separated with, you guessed it, a line of taped chairs. That'll show those germs!

Daddy & Drew at the pedi office

In his favorite sleeping place

A very proud Granna. We have to set time limits on how long she can hold Drew before the next person gets him. ;)

His sleeping position as I type this. His arms HAVE to be out of the covers. He hates being swaddled!

On a totally different note, in the 45 minutes that we were gone to the pedi's office yesterday, someone totally demolished our mailbox that had 10 balloons on it. Clearly, the driver wasn't paying attention. The worst part: he left no name or number. May he have diarrhea for a month!

Off to kiss someone's sweet face...


Hilary said...

Those squishy cheeks and button nose are calling me!! Drew is adorable. Good thing not much is expected of new mothers getting a lot done. I don't think I could do anything other than look at him and kiss him to pieces! Hopefully the liquid issues will pass quickly. Sorry the ped wasn't great. It's good advise for me when I shop around.

Hilary said...


Amanda said...

I sent you a text about this but seriously, I had to switch Caleb's ped too a while back ! Now, Dr Harper, me, Angela (usg tech) , and Dr Thompson swear by Dr Harry Phillips ! Hes awesome ! Caleb even likes going to the doctor b/c of him !!!! Hes very in depth and you can tell he LOVES his job and loves kids ! Hes so nice !

Jennifer said...

He is adorable! Congrats on your baby boy. We have not had the internet and I have been wondering if you had a baby yet! That is how me and my Drew slept for a while. One piece of advice as soon as his circumcision (if he is) heals "tuck" his little thing down. That is what they told us to do and it worked GREAT! good luck as parents, some days are tough but it is so worth it!

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