Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ready or Not...

Today was probably the best day (emotionally) that I've experienced in a LONG time! Instead of writing all the details out in paragraph form, I'll list the highlights.

-Drew is still breech, as Mommy already knew.
-C section is tentatively scheduled for next Friday, July 11. We'll know for sure tomorrow.
-2 cm dilated
-LOTS of amniotic fluid still
-He has a big noggin! A 41 week head measurement!
-Approximately 8 lbs 2 oz right now, gaining another 1/2 lb or more by next week!
-Has: Chubby cheeks, hair on his head, and a really cute foot!
-Confirmed again that he's a boy. Thank goodness.

There's something about having a date set that satisfies the mind of a planner! I'm still very aware he could come earlier, but having a date set just relaxes me somehow. I'm doing all the last minute cleaning & organizing things I've been putting off: washing rugs, changing pictures in frames, putting away clutter, etc.

I apologize to all the people who didn't get a text or call response from me today. We were calling family after the appointment while we were on our way to the hospital to visit dad. Afterwards, we came home, had dinner, and crashed. I will catch up with you!

Kacie was here to help take care of Daddy for the last few days and helped put up the wall letters in Drew's room. Actually, she did almost all the work while I supervised. I owe her big!

Speaking of Daddy, he's still in the hospital. They're aiming for surgery on Friday if the swelling is down enough. Right now his poor foot and ankle are still very large. Because of risk of tissue necrosis, infection, etc they can't do the surgery until the swelling goes down. He got a little too much Dilaudid today (4mg at once!) and experienced respiratory depression for a while. His o2 sats would drop into the 70s--quite scary! However, he's recovered and they decreased the dosage. Please pray for the swelling to decrease so the surgery can be performed Friday!

Daddy had a special visitor today at the hospital--Julie! She walked down to Dad's room. She was the last person he'd expected to see! They are attempting to change her to oral pain meds so they can try to get her home tomorrow. She looked and sounded incredible. Praise God!

Belly pictures for your viewing pleasure are coming soon! Not many more to go--woo hoo!


Luke & Amanda said...

July 11 sounds like a perfect day to me! I cant wait to see him!

I hope your Dad recovers quickly. I know Kacie has been such a blessing!

Let me know if you need anything at all!

Erin said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to meet him so I know you can't!

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