Saturday, August 9, 2008

C Section Must Have List

When I was preparing to go to the hospital, I looked on several different websites and read different books with suggestions on what to take to the hospital. If I had followed all those lists I would have only left our kitchen sink at the house. Honestly, taking DVDs and books to the hospital if you get bored? Let me tell you what you should do if you're that bored: SLEEP!

I couldn't find many lists on what to take if you were having a C section, so I decided to make my own list of must-haves. This way, I can look it up when I head for my next C section (please, God, a while down the road!).

1. Knit gauchos or skirts. These were my lifesavers (and still are) when it comes to avoiding incision pain. Old Navy sells the skirts and Target sells the gauchos. They're cheap, and worth every penny. Stacy and Clinton wouldn't agree that they're fashionable, but comfort prevails in this situation! It's not like you'll be walking the red carpet anyway! (Plus, you can wear them below the belly during pregnancy!)

2. House shoes and socks. Hospital floors are DIRTY no matter where you go. I wound up with one house shoe and no socks. Let's just say, I felt disgusting.

3. Soap & Shampoo. Hospital soap is terrible quality. I also forgot this item, so I truly know its importance. And the first time you get to get a shower and wash your hair--ah, heavenly!

4. Hair Dryer. Hospitals don't have these.

5. Your own pillows. Unless you enjoy sleeping on thin plastic stuffed with polyester. And do bring at least two for you. They're great for supporting your arms during breastfeeding. It's difficult to use the Boppy with your incision pain.

6. Chapstick.

7. Camera and camcorder.

8. Mesh underwear. This is the only thing the hospital will have that you'll love. You definitely won't want to hang on to them for a romantic evening later down the road, but you'll be so thankful you have them while your incision is healing. Ask for some to take home!

9. Pen & paper. Even if it's a napkin as paper! Nurses constantly come in wanting to know what time he fed, how long he fed, and when he peed and pooped. When you haven't slept in 2 days, those things are hard to remember!

10. Germ X Gel. Because I'm a freak about cleanliness in hospitals.


The Glenn Gang said...

I think it is great you are making notes of all of this stuff to share with other people. I know you will look back on it and want it for your own records but it is very helpful to all of those soon-to-be moms who are just wondering what to expect.

Andrew & Audra said...

If it helps someone else, even better!

Leslie G said...

This is a great list even if your not having a c-section! Thanks!
P.S-- I read your blog all the time, I "know" Kacie from The Nest. =)

The Ratliff Family said...

Haha...I love it! I had a C section, too, so I know exactly what you are talking about!

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