Friday, August 8, 2008

What You Really Wanna See

My last post had enough verbage for a week's worth of posting, so here's the real stuff you wanna see with less wording...(thanks to Kacie for taking and posting these on her blog as well!

Who do you love more? Mommy or Daddy?

Laughing at nothing

My mom now eats faster than anyone else at the table so she can be the first to hold the baby.

His shirt says "handsome." So fitting.

Um, a picture of my eye and an adorable expression on Drew's face.

Sleeping with Daddy, a favorite activity.


Kacie said...

Well now no one will have to come to my blog to see the pictures. You're becoming a picture stealer...

Amanda said...

He's so cute! I love the picture with his hands in the air...just precious!

Hilary said...

These are so good! He is getting so big. I love the first pic...he's plumping up! Glad you are all better!

Andrew & Audra said...

Thank you! Yes, he's DEFINITELY getting fatter. My arms can feel it!

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