Thursday, November 13, 2008

4 month check up

4 month stats: 16 lbs, 6 oz. and 25 inches long

His weight is in the 75th percentile and his length in the 50th. Perfect! We got an excellent report from the doctor that our little boy is growing and very healthy (and stout!). I couldn't help but laugh when they gave us a paper which stated, "By 6 months your child may be bearing some weight on his legs." Ha! This kid has put all his weight on his legs since 2 months and will now walk right across the room if you help him with balance!

The shots were painful, as expected, and mommy & Drew both cried. The good news is the crying lasted less than 20 seconds. We did the "Tylenol every 4 hours" bit, but last night (more than 24 hours after the shots) Drew was extremely fussy and refused to eat for several hours. I really wasn't concerned, but then he threw up all over the kitchen! My poor baby. :( His poor tummy was just rolling. He went to sleep for several hours, but I was concerned because he had not peed in 9 hours. I was super glad to see that wet diaper at 4am! He's better this morning, and I believe his appetite is coming back. The shots aren't fun, but I'm sure the diseases they protect him from would be a lot worse.

We talked to the pedi about cereal, and I was surprised that he told me if I wanted to that I could also start fruits and veggies between now and 6 months. He said this is what the schedule could look like by 6 months:

Breakfast- Cereal & breastmilk

Lunch- Veggie or fruit & breastmilk

Dinner- Veggie or fruit & breastmilk

Bedtime- Cereal & breastmilk

This would definitely be a change from every 2 hour feedings. We're hoping when we start adding the cereal (mixed with a fruit--thanks for the suggestion!) that he'll start sleeping better during the night. So...pretty soon we'll be starting rice, oatmeal, carrots, squash, peas, apples, and pears! My baby is growing too quickly. :( Sometimes I stare at him while he's sleeping and tears come to my eyes just thinking about how much I LOVE this person. It reminds me of the book, "Love You Forever." Such a good book. I'll be the woman driving to my 40 year old son's house to rock him at night. ;)

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