Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy 4 Months, Drew!

I'm one day late on posting, but this was NOT happening last night! Drew didn't go unnoticed on his birthday though; I sang "Happy Birthday" to him at least 3 times yesterday. :)

His 4 month picture

This last month has put into perspective how much can change in the span of one month. My sweet baby who could not do so much on his own a month ago can now roll over (sometimes), grab toys, push buttons, soak me in the bathtub, coo & babble, and belly-laugh. Goodness, at this rate, he'll be giving political speeches by one year.

Okay, now for the boring part that I add on the blog, promising myself it will make it to his scrapbook "one day." I'm still working on the design layout for Month 1.

One highlight is that the night before your 4 month birthday we gave you rice cereal-not just shaken up in your bottle. It was mixed and thickened. There is no question in my mind why you spit it out everywhere. It smells like garbage. And I'm pretty sure that's what it tasted like, too. That and you've never had anything but liquid in your mouth. We tried several bites, but he wasn't a fan. We'll try again another time soon. Some new recommendations are stating to wait until 6 months to try cereal, and we're well aware of that; however, my child is starving and still eats every 2 hours at night! He watches us eat every night in envy (or this is how I'm reading it). He has nothing that puts him at increased risks for food allergies, so we went for it. He'd already had some in his bottle early on, so he'd already been exposed. I don't regret the decision, but I DO wish he liked it better so he'd eat & sleep through the night! I'm not tooting my own horn or asking for your sympathy, but I've been feeding him every TWO hours of the night for FOUR months. I'm ready for sleep!

You love: your family, eating, sucking your hands, sucking other people's fingers, pulling off socks, making a mess at bathtime, sucking the warm water in a washcloth, being tossed into the air, standing, jumping, walking with help, climbing up people, someone saying da-da, "In the Jungle," "My Girl," your jumperoo, your bouncer, your new carseat, soft blankets, and your feet.

Your don't care for: wind in your face (takes your breath away easily), clipping your fingernails, going down for a nap (mommy wishes you loved this), lying down for long periods, sleeping in your crib (you wake up in under 10 minutes), riding for long periods in the car, and diaper changes in the night.

We go for the dreaded shots tomorrow morning at 8:10. It's the same awful gut feeling as last time, mainly because I can't explain to him what's going to happen. One minute he'll be lying there laughing and looking at me, and then BAM, BAM, BAM--3 shots in his little thighs! We'll make it just like last time, and hopefully I'll be able to report, once again, that it was not nearly as bad as anticipated.

More pictures to pass the time...

Standing with Mommy's help

Your mom's a goofball

The best tasting fingers. ever.

I'm a pretty unhappy child...

That's all, folks! Have a blessed day!


Jackie Likens said...

Hi Audra, I love reading your blog and looking at Drew's adorable pictures. My babies have grown so fast (Lacy's 9 and Owen's 2) so I miss the little stages sooo much. Just a little suggestion, Owen HATED the cereal so much. I tried mixing just a little bit of the apple sauce babyfood or even the little ones apple juice, it is MUCH BETTER. He loved it after that and slept much much better at night on a full tummy. Anyway- I hope this helps.

The Dutsons said...

They grow so fast, his dimples are cuter than ever!:) I was noticing his adorable room behind you, what a cute bedroom, I absolutely love the dots!

Kelly said...

So cute! Man, every 2 hours is tough. Hang in there! Tate seemed to come around with good sleeping at the end of his 4th month. I hope the same can happen for you guys. Sleep deprivation is NO fun for anyone.

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

Jackie--I'm so glad you stop by! I look at your kiddo's pictures on facebook all the time. They are BEAUTIFUL! Lacy looks so much like you. I will definitely give the applesauce a try! It'll probably smell a lot better that way; I don't blame Drew & Owen for disliking it!

Alison- Thank you! My sister, brother in law, husband and I did it. If we have a girl next, we're painting the top portion pink. We're resourceful! ha!

Kelly- Well now I have a new goal to look forward to--the end of 4 months! We're on our way...

Hilary said...

love his smile! thanks for the update.

Lori said...

Great pics. Sorry about the eating/sleeping issues.

Amanda said...

Its been a while but life has kept me busy as I'm sure it has you. I can not believe how big Drew is !!! Hes gorgeous ! I hope y'all are doing well !! Tell Andrew hi for me and give Drew lots of kisses for me !


PS I still have those darn DVDs !!

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