Thursday, December 18, 2008

JC Penney portraits & review

I have a confession. I've been a bad mom when it comes to having Drew's picture taken regularly. We had them taken at birth (but we don't have the prints yet) and we just had them taken again last week. Yes, I missed the traditional 4 month photo shoot and now I'm almost too close to 6 months to have them done again to get back on the traditional track. Maybe we'll be on the 5-7-9-12 month track. :) My problem was the photographers I was craving cost more than my pocketbook could allow.

Anyway...guilt got the best of me and I finally decided that it was better to have a studio take his picture than to not have it done at all! Hilary & Justin & her parents have so generously given us a beautiful white Feltman's Brothers outfit that we just HAD to have his picture made in. (Hil, just so you know I hunted everywhere for white dress shoes and socks--NO ONE had any!) We made our minds up to head to JC Penney portraits since it's close to home. I will include my review in this blogging.

In the end, we got some cute pictures of him, but mom & I both decided we may not go back the next time. Here's the breakdown:

The good: simple backgrounds available, appointments open all the time, pictures available in 10 minutes for your viewing, prints back in a week

The bad: you are herded in and out like cattle, only 2 outfit changes allowed, they DO have catches to their coupons, SHORT photo sessions, & you have to hope they capture what you want b/c they don't let you look at the shots well until after it's over!

(Note the blue gauze I'm not a fan of. Drew, however, loved it and thought it tasted great!)


The Dutsons said...

I love the white outfit, it's so cute and vintage. Drew has such a beautiful smile, I wish I had dimples to pass on.:)

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

Thanks, Alison. As for Spencer--you didn't need dimples to make him adorable. You passed on your gorgeous face!!

Kacie said...

I love them! :)

The Glenn Gang said...

LOVE THEM! Those are some of the best I have seen from JCP. SO, SO, SO cute!

Anonymous said...

i think the pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

Audra....these pics are sooooo cute! i would have to get every single pose! I love them ! shelley

Hilary said...

Those are so cute!! I LOVE the outfit. He looks so adorable! What a happy baby!

No worries about a white outfit. Mom kept all of our baby clothes, so Juliet will be dressed up all the time!

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