Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Fourth

I was tagged by sweet Amanda (Eli is so cute!) @World of the Wilson's to play along in the picture folder game. You have to open the fourth picture folder on your computer and choose the fourth photo. No cropping or editing allowed. I was really afraid someone would tag me for this because I've looked up this horrible photo. Oh well. I am a true sport, willing to dust the pride from my shoulders and share this picture with you. :) Keep may be tagged!

This was in 2005 when Andrew & I still lived in Starkville. We hadn't even been married a year! We were celebrating our first Valentine's Day and wanted to send our family a Valentine's message since we couldn't see them. So, being the goobs we are, we took a picture. :)

I tag: Kacie, Lori, Hilary, & Kelly


Hilary said...

How fun to say that I can remember that!! All the great times we had in that apartment! Cards, Coke and Computers! I was thinking about all of us the other day in that tiny living room on four computers doing our own thing. Miss y'all.

Ken said...

Finally figured out how to get on your blog thanks to Angela. Drew is beautiful, know you are so proud, I am so proud. Look forward to seeing all of you soon. Love all of you,wish we could see each other more, but life, distance and circumstances are what they are. Again love all of you more than you know. (Ken/Shelia)

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