Monday, January 5, 2009


If you are ever a patient in a hospital, and you have the urge to vomit, I beg of you to do so in an appropriate place. If you do not have a barf pan, the floor is a good place; it's hard to miss and easy to clean. Your blanket would be a superb place since it is convenient and can be tossed effortlessly into the laundry bin.

The bedside table drawer is a perfect example of a HORRIBLE place to vomit.

Need I say more?


Wade said...

Ha! That's really funny! But not so funny if you were the one who had to clean it up!

Several years ago I was hospitalized for observation after a really bad head injury. I threw up into a cardboard box all the way to the ER - it was the only thing I had in the car that would work.

I remember tossing the box down on the ground directly next to the ER entrance and, despite my concussed state of mind, actually feeling sorry for the poor fellow who would first come across my box o' yak!

I love your POTW's! Sad to say how I can sometimes personally relate though!

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...


I believe a cardboard box is a GOOD example of where to throw up! It'd be better than your carpeted car mats and it's easily disposable! I bet the guy who cleaned it up was just thankful it was something he could toss in the trash!

Thankfully, I had an awesome co-worker that night who took care of it without a single request from me. Thank goodness for sweet people!

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