Wednesday, January 28, 2009


How do I keep this rated G? Or even PG? Let's just say if you are ever considering sticking very LARGE items up your rectum, you just might wanna think twice.

It could cause you to tear the anal tissue, bleed everywhere, go into the early stages of shock, get poked 50 times, have a urinary catheter, get admitted to the ICU, and have to have a colostomy (ie, poop in a bag out of your stomach). And then...tell all your friends how you got to this point.

And then you could consider saying to your nurse, "Well I guess I won't be doing THAT again!" No, seriously? Why not? Shiesh!

Maybe this one should be up for patient of the YEAR?


Amanda said...

Always love reading your horror stories from work...they make me laugh in a really weird way. They also make me think twice about going back to school to be a nurse when I retire from teaching.

Kelly said...


Shannon said...


Supposedly they had a "lost and found" in the OR of the hospital I worked for...specifically for patients like this:)

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