Thursday, January 22, 2009


Kelly tagged me to do a survey, so instead of taking a nap in preparation for work tonight, I think I'll do it instead. (Yeah...I'll be kicking myself at 3am!)

4 things I did yesterday:
1. Spent time with Deda, Pop, and grandmothers
2. Decorated for the youth rally
3. Ate a meatball marinara sub--YUM
4. Went to bed late--11:30pm (That used to be early!)

4 things on my wish list: (this is also my prayer list!)
1. An anniversary trip in May
2. Some friends to come back to Christ
3. A healthy, growing baby boy
4. A better napping schedule

4 things I look forward to:
1. A great sleeping child (will this ever happen?!)
2. Catching up my scrapbooks (um, no this will never happen)
3. Watching Drew experience the zoo for the first time
4. Ed McMahon standing at my door with a fat check.

4 restaurants I like:
1. The Mesquite Chop House
2. Longhorn Steak House
3. Dale's
4. Steak n' Shake

4 favorite TV shows:
1. Heroes
2. House
3. The Cosby Show
4. Law & Order: SVU

4 Tags:
Kacie, Erin, Nicki, and Amanda (if you haven't already done this one)

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