Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blabber you probably don't even wanna read...

Rock, rock, rock. The baby breaths that smell so sweet get even and heavy. Lay him in his crib and tiptoe out. Easily close the door. Now for 30 minutes of me time. You'd think I'd take a shower. Or brush my teeth. Maybe even get out of my pajamas. Nope. Here I sit at this computer!

We officially have a crawler on our hands. Early last week he finally got the hang of coordinating his hands and feet to result in motion. He's EVERYWHERE. He's pulling up on EVERYTHING! He's into ANYTHING he's not supposed to be into. This past weekend he was amazed with doorstops. Yesterday he was trying to crawl up the stairs. Today he's fascinated with the air vents and the fireplace. Hundreds of dollars of toys are piling up in the living room, and he wants to play with the household items. Amazing!

On the UP side, he'll sit contently in the kitchen floor playing with a wrapped up roll of paper towels for 20 minutes without whimpering. So...my dishes actually get put away! Yay! Maybe I should start letting him sit in the laundry basket so I can whip up some clean underwear for the adults in this household. Nah... ;)

I have to say that I think Momnesia is setting in. I never thought it would, but without a doubt I'm in the beginning stages. This is definitely not to say I want another baby right now, just that I can't remember clearly what the beginning of Drew's life was like. I know it was hectic and stressful, but in what ways I just can't remember. Maybe I should go back and look over my old posts! I look at pregnant women and can once again say, "Awww" out of cuteness instead of saying, "Awww" out of sympathy. I've forgotten a lot of the "downs" of pregnancy and finally do miss some parts of the whole human building process. One day I'll be pregnant again, and I'll kick myself for wanting to remember what it's like! (No, seriously Kacie, it DOES get better after the 1st trimester...until the 3rd trimester!)

There seems to be so much going on in our world these days, and it leaves little time for blogging. I've been working an extra shift every week this month to help pay off extra bills; this week is my last week to do that. Praise God! I have the upmost respect for the women I work with who work 3 12 hour shifts a week, raise their little children, attend church, attend extracirricular activities, and even homeschool! I just don't see how they keep their sanity.

I'm teaching a teenage girls' class on Wednesday nights at our church and am really loving it. I think I'm probably learning more than they are! I'll look up a verse for the class and get caught up reading other verses. Pretty soon I'm looking up commentaries on the internet trying to figure out the context and meaning of things. I've learned so much in just a few weeks! I'm trying to plan a girls' 2 day/1 night event in April or May and have some pretty good ideas up my sleeve. You know I love to plan a party!

It's off to wash clothes. Maybe even make the bed. Nah. Scratch the bed making. It's just going to get reused in a few hours anyway. Back to the ER (pronounced "ur") tonight. What lies in store? Oh let's hope nothing too eventful!

Have a God blessed week!


Kacie said...

If you'd like me to remind you of the "not so fun" parts of pregnancy, they are fresh on my mind! :) Just kidding!

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

I've seen them lately. No thanks. lol

Kelly said...

That's so great that you have a job where you can somewhat pick and choose to work more or less. I would love that...grass is always greener I know. :)

A friend of mine just had a baby, and I went to see them both in the hospital. My momnesia came in fully when I realzed I did not remember at all Tate being a newborn. So weird!

Lori said...

On Friday morning, I got nauseated and eventually vomited. I thought I was pregnant-- until I woke Abigail up, and I saw that she had vomit all over her crib (poor baby). We had the stomach bug. But anyway, I guess I was subconsciously thinking about being pregnant lately cause I've had dreams about it. Like last night, I could feel a baby moving inside like I was 30 weeks along. Crazy!

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

Kelly--Yes, it's a huge blessing to be able to pick and choose. I don't complain about that!

Lori--So glad Abby is better. I can't imagine how awful that was. I'd rather be sick 3 times than Drew sick once!

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