Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mama vs Dada

Just for the record, "Mama" was Drew's first word about a week ago. He said Mama allll day long. That was, until we called to let Daddy hear his new word. In all my boasting glory I held the phone up to Drew and said, "Say mamamama." Then he magically learned a new word:


He repeated it to Andrew over and over. My boasting glory circled down the drain. And that's been his word ever since! Just wanted that on the record though- that mama came before dada-even though I have no proof. You know, since it determines who he obviously loves more!

*No mommies were harmed during the filming of this movie. The next movie though, mommy got 2 large teeth marks in her leg.*


Lori said...

How funny! Abigail said Mama first for a few weeks, then started saying dada for MONTHS before she started saying mama again. Hopefully Drew will keep saying mama!

Erin said...

Well, we know you can say Dada Audra! Haha. Just kidding! He is too cute. I know you were so excited!

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