Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crawling Out Alive...

I've been wanting to make this announcement for looong time! I'm back in my prepregnancy clothes...heck, I'm back in my clothes from the year I got married! However, I had to go to that place to get to this point. What place, you ask?

You know that kind of sick where you haven't showered in 3 days, can't remember last brushing your teeth, and don't care that a razor hasn't touched your armpits in 6 days? Yeah. I've just gotten back from that place.

Let me tell you, I barely escaped. It woke me up out of my sleep at noon on Wednesday after working until 7am that same morning. It had been 11 years since I had thrown up, and I really don't think I would have minded if I could have made it to 12. Unfortunately, that was not the case. To keep you from losing your lunch, I'll spare you the details and just say anything I put in my body came out one way or another! Sprite and Zofran were gifts from heaven, I tell you.

I thought everything was hunky dory by Friday. I got up around 2pm to pee out a teaspoon (max!) of urine when I started shaking terribly! I felt my head. Cool as a cucumber. "Why am I shaking like this?!" I thought. I ran and got underneath the sheet, down comforter, and an insulated sleeping bag with thick socks on. Still shaking. My sister texted me about this time to tell me it was a beautiful 70 degrees outside. Hm. Something was definitely WRONG. I'll say it was! Just as I thought I was getting over this mess, I spiked a 102 fever. I debated keeping the fever to help fight whatever off, but felt like I was on death's doorstep and sided with Tylenol instead. Still miserable with a heartrate in the 120s, my sweet mother saved the day (and at the time what felt like my LIFE) and came over to start IV fluids on me. A liter and a half of fluids later, I was feeling like a new woman...for an hour. Then the exhaustion and weakness hit. In 3 days I'd had half a chips ahoy cookie, half a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and approximately 10 bites of mashed potatoes plus fluids. No wonder! Today has been a slow crawl back to a vague reality. Still battling the bug in many ways, but at least I can stand on my own two feet...and take a shower!

The thing that made this virus so much worse was having an (almost) 7 month old. He was so confused as to where his mom was, why she couldn't hug and kiss him, and rock him to sleep. When he saw me from the doorway, he'd cry. It just broke my heart, but I didn't have enough fluids left in me to make tears! Another effect on him with my dehydration was, of course, breastfeeding. We had a large stockpile of excess breastmilk, and now we're down to the bare minimum! Poor guy. Needless to say, he was glad to see me with him in the floor for a few minutes this morning instead of lying up in a bed.

And you know who got a bad end of the deal? Poor Andrew. He had to hold & clean puke buckets, change poopy diapers alone, manage a child going through turmoil, deal with mass chaos, a crying/sick/demanding wife, clean house (kind of...), and work from home! He was a trooper, ladies & gentlemen! Way to go, honey. You passed the test! I love you. ;)

So now that I'm back from the dead, I have lots of pictures to post of my adorable child. What? You thought I had posted so many I couldn't POSSIBLY have more? You thought wrong...

Off to drink more Sprite and eat my Zofran like clockwork and hopefully start eating REAL food again--so that I will no longer fit in those pre-pre-pregnancy clothes. Hey, it's not worth it!


Amanda said...

Glad you're feeling better! And I know your sweet baby and husband are too!

Lori said...

I'm sorry. It's hard being sick when you're a mommy! Get better!

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