Saturday, February 7, 2009


Oh and don't get the idea I'm actually up-to-date on scrapping. I skipped months 1-5 cause I could readily recollect the likes and dislikes of month 6. I just like to mix things up like that. ;)

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The Glenn Gang said...

I was just about to click on comment and leave you some serious props for being current on Drew's scrapbook. But, then I kept reading and realized you are just as normal as me! :-)

I love those pages. I am current through 6 months then a few random events along the way. I need a serious scrapbook weekend! Don't you want to come to Vidalia and hang with me and Amanda and catch up on scrapbooks while we debate who the cutest little boy in the world is? It is obvious we have the top 3!!!!!

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