Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 7 Months, Drew!

So I'm a little late, but on February 9th Drew turned 7 months old! If I ever get caught up on scrapbooking, I'll need these tidbits of info so here we go...

This little man is now able to get just about anywhere he wants as long as frustration doesn't get in the way! He sloppily crawls/scoots all over the living room floor, putting whatever he can get his hands on into his mouth. (Note to self: babyproof house asap or Daddy's computer cords will all be history. Hey...that's an idea!) He's right on the brink of pulling himself to a standing position which thrills him since he loves to be upright and checking everything out. Eating solids is going a little better, but boy is it ever messy! I finally just stripped him down to his diaper and let him play with the spoon and the pears. I really had to fight off the urge to keep him as clean as possible. It must have worked because he ate the entire jar of pears! Tonight he almost finished off an entire jar of applesauce! Let's hope this habit continues...

Sleep. Oh, that's an issue all to itself! Sometimes he wakes up 3 times a night, sometimes once, sometimes none at all! Naps are 45 minutes long max. But do I fight it? Nope. He usually takes 2-3 30 min naps a day and is as happy as a lark. Why fight for longer naps? It works for us!!

Likes: baths, music, dancing, bouncing, being thrown in the air, keyboards, watching football, practicing walking, being naked, cold wipes at diaper changes, Mommy's and Daddy's songs, and putting anything in his mouth

Dislikes: getting dressed and sleeping. Other than that--he's SUCH a happy child!

I can honestly say with every breath in my body that I never knew I could love another human being this much. He makes my heart flip every day. I would never go back to life before him!


Shannon said...

Drew is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!!

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

How sweet! Thanks, Shannon!

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