Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Ten Random Thoughts

1. I got lots of cute scrapbooking materials at Hobby Lobby for only 12 dollars! Can't wait to get the scrapping juices flowing and complete months 1-5. Just a tad behind.

2. I detest mopping. I don't remember the last time I mopped. I don't really care.

3. Drew's new favorite toy: plastic bags. Am I a good parent or what? (You're saying, "Or what." Ha. Funny.)

4. I am so mathematically challenged that this whole CVS/Walgreens/RiteAid "save you tons of money" phase is boggling my mind. I need a personal trainer at the grocery store.

5. I hate hot weather...but I'm sick of the cold weather. Where is it spring year around? I need to move there.

6. Drew got his first bump/bruise on the head last week. We have no idea where it came from. Surprised he doesn't have one from last night when he hit his head on the pew at church. Good parents, once again.

7. I will forever hate spelling: surprised, embarrassed, and definitely. I just recently learned to spell those three words in just last month. I always wanted to spell them: suprised, embarassed, and....I have no idea how I thought definitely was spelled. Just not the correct way. I'll shut up now.

8. My refrigerator shelves are gross. I recently realized this after watching Jon & Kate Plus 8-the episode where she spent FOUR God given hours cleaning her new fridge. Never in my life. If I put 15 minutes a year into mine, I'll feel accomplished.

9. I love planning and executing a party or event. I'm not too over the top on just attending them though.

10. I pray all the time throughout the day. Seriously...all the time. I bet God's getting tired of hearing from me! ;)


Lori said...

Good to know; I hate mopping, too. I haven't even mopped this house (we've been here almost 3 yrs!); Jonathan does it! Yea!

Abby loves plastic bags, too.

I have issues spelling embarrassed, too.

Sorry we've been missing each other today. After Abby wakes up, eats, and I eat, I'll try to call you:)

Kelly said...

I saw that episode and thought the same thing. I'm really not even sure when was the last time I cleaned ours out. Yikes!

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