Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WFMW: Cleaning Glass Top Stove

My grandmother has always sworn by baking soda. She brushes her teeth with it, cleans with it, and even taught me to clean my gas perm contacts with it. Well guess what?

Baking soda even works on glass top stoves!

I'd had a hard time finding a cleaner that didn't cost a small fortune which adequately cleaned off the black burned-on gunk off my stove top. My husband is the best at cooking something, letting it splatter everywhere, then allowing it to sit for 2 days--all the while hardening and settling into my black glass stove top.

Enter: baking soda and water

It works to get that black stuff off! I admit it leaves a residue, but it comes right off with soap and water or any household kitchen cleaner (I used Lysol).

Baking soda for 50 cents and a clean stove top...that works for me!


mub said...

I use a razor blade on my glass top stove to get off burned gunk, it works wonderfully!

Redneck Diva said...

And it doesn't scratch? I LOVE my glass top stove but I use it so much it rarely looks clean. That cleaner works for the most part but yeah, it's expensive and doesn't always get off the burned-on black gunk.

My oldest daughter was at a friend's house and commented to the mom that her stove looked better than ours. The mom said, "Well, honey, your mom probably cooks!" That made me feel better!

Amy said...

Wow, thanks, I've been looking for something to clean my glass top! I'm gonna try it out!

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