Sunday, March 29, 2009

For Those Going Through Withdrawals

For those of you who didn't get to see Drew this weekend, here is your fix. :)

We ventured out of our comfort zone Friday and made the trip to Greenville, MS to visit with Andrew's mom and visit with old friends who came to town for the church "homecoming." The ride there was rough; Drew cried for an hour an a half straight. Make that SCREAMED for an hour and a half straight. He wanted OUT. When we pulled into Kacie & Judd's driveway for a sanity break, I'm pretty sure my feet were touching the ground before the truck came to a complete stop. The trip back today was BEAUTIFUL! He was practically asleep before we got out of Mom Deb's driveway and woke up as we pulled into ours 2 hours later.

Question for moms more seasoned than I....I've read and been told by the pedi to turn the carseat facing forward at one year old. However, our car seat states you can turn the carseat facing forwards after the child is past 20 lbs. Well, Drew is 21.5 lbs and I'm dying to turn it around if it's okay. It would make car trips so much better, I think. I know, I know. Err on the side of safety and keep it facing backwards!!

It was a great visit, and we THOROUGHLY enjoyed spending time with Mom Deb. It is so obvious how much she loves Drew; her face lit up whenever she saw him or whenever he laughed at her. I just can't state how happy I am that Drew knows THIS MUCH love in his life. I'll say it again: every child should be this blessed with love!

Oh and for my memory book:
Drew stood up ON HIS OWN four times this past week! Only 8 1/2 months old!
-One of his top teeth is completely through, the other is almost there!
-He slept in his pack n' play for the first time at his Grammy's house! Yay!
-This week he tried: Hawaiian punch (just a sip!), sweet tea (just a sip), and strawberry slush from Sonic. He only liked the strawberry! Thanks, Grammy. ;)
-He's grinding his top and bottom teeth together and it makes the most wretched noise. It's as if he's running his nails down a chalkboard! Ugh!

I'll save the rest for his 9 month post which is just around the corner. Ca-razy!


Shannon said...

I don't know if it's different in different states, but here your child has to be one year old AND 20pounds. You and Drew don't have much longer to go!!!

The teeth grinding is HORRIBLE!!! It was short lived with Mallory...if that makes you feel any better:)

Lori said...

Cute cute pictures.

In Texas, the law says that you can't turn the seat around until they're 20 lbs AND a year old. This website makes it sound like that might be the case in every state?

And really, it's the safest, so we're keeping Abigail rear facing for as long as possible:

The Dutsons said...

Unfortunately he has to be one to turn it around. I can totally empathize, I asked my pedi when Spencer was 9 months, because I was so ready to turn him around. It's one year, due to a muscle in his neck evidently that isn't strong enough. I think the car seats say 20, because if they are a year and they aren't 20 pounds they would have to keep their child rear facing. Bless their mothers hearts!:)

Audra said...

You all are right (as always!). MS law requires he be 20 lbs AND 1 year old. Guess we'll be waiting another 3 months!

Kelly said...

Cute pictures...aren't road trips so much fun!!?? We finally invested in a portable DVD player, which made a huge difference. I only bring it out for long trips, so it's a special treat. :)

Like everyone said, it's a state law issue. My pedi is hard-core about the carseat and thinks they should stay backward facing until 18 mos. We turned Tate around at 13 mos.

Cute pics!

Andrew said...

Oh come on! I drive a tank, he is big enough!

Jennifer said...

I know how you feel about the trips - a 4 hour drive to AL was not fun with a screaming child! Our Pedi told us we could turn him around when he weighed 20 lbs. Drew was 9 months when we did and it made a WORLD of difference. So it is up to you if you want to turn him around or not! we did and it was the best for everyone involved! :)

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