Friday, March 13, 2009

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It's no secret: I'm no Paula Deen. I've managed to put just enough recipes up my sleeve that we don't starve or become severely obese eating out. With that said, almost 5 years of marriage and the same recipes later...we're burned out on the "tried and true."

I want to be Susie Homemaker. There, I said it. Problem is, I don't have the cooking skills or patience! Add in the fact that I'm an extremely picky eater (read: takes all good tasting ingredients out 'cause they might crunch in the mouth) and you've got very little to work with.

Enter stage right: Mommy's Kitchen

This is the kind of home cooking blog I've been searching for! She has step by step pictures to go with each recipe, and get this--the recipes aren't that hard!

I think I'll be trying those lasagna rolls later this week. Move over Chick Fil A! Mama's back in the kitchen!

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Lori said...

How funny that I just found out about her website, too. She visited my blog. Anyway, yeah, I'm a horribly picky eater, too. I'm really worried about cooking healthy for Abigail when she gets older.

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