Thursday, April 30, 2009

Abrupt Hiatus

I've been on an almost weeklong hiatus thanks to a little 8 legged creature who decided to make his presence known at my computer on Sunday. When I tried to terminate said creature, he fled the scene and has not been located since. It took me 5 days now to get up the guts to even sit down at the chair where the assailant was first spotted, much less extend my hands over the table to the keyboard to type. My trusty assistant, Andrew, picked up everything on the table, including the keyboard searching for my worst enemy. My puse, which had been on the table at the time of the fleeing, was going in the garbage as far as I was concerned. What better place for a spider to hide, right? Well, my husband even put the purse on his head to prove to me it was safe. So...for now...the purse stays. Good thing too, cause it was super cute. ;)

So...without further 8 legged interruption (I pray!)....on with the show!


Lori said...

Eek. I am so sorry. I HATE spiders. I understand your hiatus.

Audra said...

I'm glad SOMEONE does! I've caught so much garbage from people over my hiatus due to "a little spider." Well, if a little SNAKE were at that person's computer they prolly wouldn't be blogging either. ;)

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