Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drew @ the Zoo!

I'm just branching out all over the place. First the park, now the zoo. Boy, I'm beginning to label myself a risk taker! ;)

Honestly, I think Andrew & I had more fun than Drew since we'd never been to the Memphis zoo. It was an entirely new world! Drew was most interested in the polar bears and ducks. Thankfully, there were no break downs, explosive poopy diapers or anything else of the such. He took a nap in his mommy and daddy's arms and was a gem the entire time we were there!

Thanks to my mom and dad, we have a year long pass so we'll be going back quite frequently!

Taking a break from looking at the snakes! Gotta get down and stretch!

Not too hot of a picture of me (bad angle!) but I love when Drew lays his head on my shoulder.

I love this picture! It's SO Andrew...and please look at Drew sticking his tongue out!

Andrew got Drew up close to see all the animals. He's such a great daddy!

I was returning my husband and son back to their relatives. ;)


Lori said...

How fun! And I am so jealous; I wish we had a zoo nearby. Glad y'all could go, and I'm glad Andrew's back!

Shannon said...

That looks like a really nice zoo! So fun!!

Kelly said...

We have a membership to our local zoo and love it. Looks like y'all had fun!

Amanda said...

Look at you...braving the zoo! Looks like you all had such a GREAT time!

Laura said...

I love the Memphis zoo!! It is such a fun place. Maybe we could meet there this summer!

Audra said...

Lori--I can't believe Lubbock doesn't have a zoo! Crazy!

Laura--yeah! just let us know when you're coming!

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