Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1 Year Old Toy Recommendations

Drew's first birthday is on the horizon (I can't believe it either), and we're being asked what Drew "wants" for his birthday. What recommendations do you have from experience? Drums are out of the question. Thanks. ;)


The Glenn Gang said...

Bounce and Spin zebra
Leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set
Fisher Price Baby Grand Piano
Picnic Table
3 piece puzzles with handles
Bath Toys
Disney Movies (TIMELESS!)

Should I go on?

Audra said...


I was hoping you'd pull through and respond! Thanks a million!

Shannon said...

Stacking blocks, Leapfrog alphabet magnets, outdoor stuff (sprinklers, water mats, chalk etc.), Aquadoodle mat, cars, Fischer Price ball popper (super annoying, but both of my girls LOVE it!), Fischer Price barnyard, Little People anything, music (Mallory loves the CD, Wiggleworms, not sure if it's local or if you can find it on the internet).

Does that help???

Our Mallory will be 3 in one week from Friday. Time flies FAST!!!!

Lori T said...

Abby likes her fisher price learning home and the bounce and spin zebra and mega blocks. We also bought her a blow up pool and balls to put inside the pool-- as a ball pit; pictures here: http://www.thetowells.com/photos/abigails-first-birthday/?photo=35. Also she likes her outdoor fisher price swing.

Kelly said...

Little People sets are so great and can be played with for a long time. Books. The Leap Frog letters are great. Be sure to think about things that may be too big for him now, but you can pull back out in 6+ months.

Andrew said...

A new gun, bow, boat, fourwheeler, and some good ole dirt!

Audra said...

Thanks, guys! I've looked all these up and now have some good ideas to hand out to the family. Thanks again!

Audra said...

Oh except Andrew. You'll need to send Santa your list...and start saving. lol!

Hamlett Daily Dose said...

I'm late, but...

Stacking cups
Fridge Farm & Fridge Letters
Shopping cart
Water table
Dump trucks

Wade said...

Yeah, I think Drew needs a new boat.

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