Monday, June 1, 2009

Writer's Block

I'm having blog withdrawals. My normal blogging computer with all my pictures of Drew has been moved to the bedroom so Drew can't get to the cords as easily; I was losing all my hair trying to keep him out of them. ( I type this, I'm looking at my laptop cords being dragged across the living room. What is it with boys and cords???) I digress. I feel like I can't write a post without pictures of my sweet boy's face. I mean, what on earth else would I talk about? No, seriously! I have nothing else of note to write about that doesn't pertain to Drew.

Instead of typing anything worth reading, I'll just summarize in list form what's going on in our lives right now:

1. Drew is saying "mama" & "dada" all the time.
2. He only hugs his mama. :)
3. He dances to music and shakes his head side to side.
4. I'm starting to teach the 4&5 year olds this month at church. Love that age group.
5. We're going to visit Sardis Lake Christian Camp tonight for a few hours. It's like we will have come full circle since Andrew & I met there, he told me he loved me there, went on our one year anniversary there, and now will take our son there!
6. Oh but it's going to be hot and sweaty. I hate sweat. But you already know that.
7. Confession: I bought my son Cheetos, but he's eaten maybe 1 total. I've eaten the rest of the bag.
8. My black thumb might be turning green. (Am I jinxing myself?) My yellow lily has over 10 huge blooms on it. It's gorgeous! And my calla lily from LeeAnn is coming back x 5 this year! Did I mention my wave petunias are still alive (and blooming!) 3-4 weeks after being planted? I'm on a roll!
9. I've been doing lots of studies about what in the church is more tradition/ritual than scripture. Very eye opening, to say the least!
10. We're heading to Greenville to see Andrew's mom at some point this month. I can't wait to take Drew to the big pool while we're there. He's going to love it!

Random statements? Confessions of guilt? Suggestions on something I can write about besides Drew? I'm open ears!


Kelly said...

I understand the issue with the Cheetos. I just bought more Pirate's Booty "for Tate." Yeah right!

Studies on tradition vs. scripture are often difficult and stretching, but can be very freeing and refreshing as well. Best wishes with that!

Luke & Amanda said...

It was so fabulous to see you on Saturday! We need to get together more often.

I would love to hear more about #9. Are you reading a certain book, or reading the Big Book?


Audra said...

Kelly--thanks! It's just tough when you're so used to the tradition. Sometimes it makes it feel "wrong" to break the tradition or even question its validity.

Amanda- I'm reading a website AND the Big Book. I'll facebook you a link.

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