Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free 3 Month Pink Palace Offer

If you're from around the Memphis area (or will be visiting within the next 3 months), check out this link Amanda sent me for a free 3 month trial membership for 2 related adults plus their children: click here for Pink Palace offer. They will email you your printable card after you sign up.

You and your family get...
* Invitation to Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters Exhibit Preview
* Invitation to Under the Sea IMAX Film Preview
* Unlimited Museum Admission
* Unlimited Planetarium Admission
* Unlimited Lichterman Nature Center Admission
* 10% discount in the museum stores
* Discounts on IMAX tickets

Not bad considering summer is coming up, and with it, the long hot days! It'll leave you wanting to get indoors every now and then! Pass this link on to any friends/family who can make use of it! Enjoy!

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