Thursday, May 7, 2009

They're Laughing at Us

The neighbors, that is. Our grass hasn't been cut in (hope you're sitting down) 3 1/2 weeks. Almost 4 weeks. That's a month, for those of you who are....time challenged. I think the dandilions in my backyard are taller than my (almost) 10 month old. And I think we have bunnies living in, weeds. The torrential rains from the past TWO weeks plus my husband's trip to AZ has left our yard, shall we say, unmanicured? It's embarrassing to pull into the driveway, walk to the mailbox, etc when my neighbors are out. They just might see me and put my yard with a face. Then they might decide because I'm apparently young and healthy and not taking care of my yard that they should write me up to the HOA. Wait. We don't have an HOA. Whew. I would take a picture, but that would risk more embarrassment, you know.

So the rains have finally subsided today and the temperatures reached almost 90. Amazing. I actually broke a sweat just getting Drew in his carseat. I even turned the air conditioner in the house down to 72 today. That's a big deal for me. Trying to save the earth you know...yeah, more like save myself another trip to the shower to rinse the sweat off.

So Drew and I got out of the house today for a few errands. And you know what's sad? It was fun. Fun because we've been stuck in this house (with the weeds) for almost two weeks now! And tomorrow I have an eye doctor's appointment where he will dilate my eyes, nearly blinding me from the sun for hours on end. ANd you know what? I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! Why? Because I get to get out of the house! Now I know I've been cooped up too long.

Oh...and if you live in my neighborhood you have approximately 2 hours to keep scoffing at our yard cause the rain has stopped and the hubby's on his way home to mow! I can go to my eye doctor's appointment tomorrow without dressing up in costume to leave the house. Thank goodness.

A 10 month old is attempting to use his 4 teeth (soon to be 6) to gnaw my kneecap off as I type this. Guess that means I should pay attention. ;) Off to feed, carry, and play!

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Luke & Amanda said...

Haha...I know the feeling...Luke is completely mortified at our yard right now...And our Mowers In The Shop! So, we (as in, I, because I am home eating bonbons), have to hook up the trailer and go get my parents!


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