Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mother's Day

I may have to change my favorite "holiday" from Christmas to Mother's Day. Honestly, it was wonderful!! Our church sermon on Sunday morning just made me reflect on the beauty and character and responsibility of a mother in a totally different view this year. I am so grateful to my mom and my grandmothers for all they've sacrificed for their families...all the love and support and nurturing they've provided to raise Christian women to serve God is such a beautiful thing to think on.I love you, Mom!

My mom, Aunt Deda, Aunt Dianne, & Aunt Glenda

My maternal grandmother, Audrey. Mother of the 4 daughters above! Without her, we wouldn't be here! What a great example of a Christian woman she is!

Ms. Debbie was able to be with us this weekend which just made the holiday that much more special. Andrew was kind enough to watch Drew for a few hours on Saturday while Ms. Debbie & I spent some time making a few purchases. I hadn't been shopping in FOR-EVER so it was quite a treat, and SO much fun.

Sunday morning Andrew made me and his mom breakfast! I was so flattered. :) We attended a great church service and headed to my paternal grandmother's house for lunch. Anytime I'm around my family, I know it's going to be a good time full of memory making. Andrew and Ms. Debbie had gotten Drew's handprint and framed it with a Mother's Day poem as a surprise. I loved it!!

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