Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 11 Months, Drew!

(Sidenote: This is my 400th post!!! Do I have too much time on my hands, or what?!)

Only one month away from the big O-N-E. You are outgrowing your baby clothes and stepping into toddler clothes. You never crawl anymore. Your hair is cut like a big boy. I'm losing my baby! How did this happen so quickly?

A year ago I was miserable and wondering if this baby was going to make his appearance anytime that YEAR. Seriously seems like two months ago instead of a year!

Enough sappiness and lamenting the passing time. Onto the fun stuff!!

What you're up to these days:
-You have 7 teeth. 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom.
-You have associations now. When a door opens in the house and the alarm chimes, you drop whatever you're doing and toddle over to the hallway to see who is coming in the door. You get SO excited when it's Daddy! You remember certain songs and parts to songs; you get excited when your favorite part comes up!

-Solid foods you enjoy: just about any dessert, tuna patties, cheerios, cheetos, cookies, animal crackers....(nutritious meals, huh), all Gerber stage 3 foods, mashed potatoes, fried fish (as my mom says, you're a true southerner!)
-Fluids you enjoy: mommy milk (Yes, still. Yes, I'll be visiting for recess when he goes to preschool for snacktime. Totally kidding, but it's amazing how many people like to voice their opinions on nursing an 11 month old!), water, orange juice, and occassional sip of sweet tea, and you really enjoyed a drink of mommy's coke yesterday!

-With your hands: Kinda blow a kiss, clap, and give five. We're working on bye bye. Your pincher grasp is improving my leaps and bounds! Pick up those cheerios, little man!
-With your head: shake no (even though doesn't mean "no") and shake yes (even though it doesn't mean "yes")
-With your voice: say mama and dada, e-i-e-i, yaya, nana, ba, yie, and lots of squealing. Oh, and the occassional whine and cry. Sometimes you sing your own little songs and I LOVE it!
-With your legs: walking, walking QUICKLY, climbing stairs. That "breach baby bow-leggedness" is finally starting to straighten itself out!
-With your ears: understand "no no," "bite," ""clap," "give five," and "I'm gonna get you!" The last usually results in you running like a heathen around the house, belly laughing.

-What sleep is looking like: You usually take a good nap in the morning and occassionally a short afternoon nap. You sleep through the night again (yay!) and have been for several weeks now. You usually go down between 7:30-8:00 and sleep until 7:30am. Daddy brings you to me in the bed when you start waking up in the morning and he's getting ready for work. We nurse in the bed and mommy prays you might go back to sleep. 1/10 chance. But it's nice when it happens!

-Likes: riding in the wagon (and standing up), mommy's singing, riding in the truck short distances only, bathtime, independence, Granna's gum blowing, Daddy's belt, wrestling with Daddy, cords, outside, walking in grass, being chased, the kiddie pool, playing in the refrigerator, messing with the fireplace, pulling lamps off tables, chewing anything

-Dislikes: being confined (this includes the stroller and the cart at the store), napping when you'd rather play

-What people say about you: They always comment on your "beautiful, blue eyes," how gorgeous you are, how well you mind, and how happy you are. They are right on all accounts!

Little boy, you are such a JOY! So sweet, loving, and tender hearted. You get your feelings hurt easily, but you're easily comforted with hugs and kisses. I love that! Your little hugs are the BEST! Daddy and I couldn't be happier with you in our lives!!


Amanda said...

WOW! I can't believe it's been 11 months. There's no possible way time can pass by so quickly! Start preparing for the party, Mom! It's going to be a blast :)

Lori T said...

One month until he's a year old! Have you started birthday party planning? I need to meet him!!

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