Monday, June 8, 2009

The Recession is Hitting Us Hard

Apparently, the economic recession is hitting my family hard because my parents informed me today that it was time to get a job. Pop said he needed someone to help herd up the cattle, so my parents basically jumped at the opportunity; they say the cost of my diapers and vegetable beef baby food are skyrocketing. I needed a little practice on the saddle, so Pop & Deda set me up for my first day of training.

I did fine sitting there, but I just didn't feel professional without a hat. My mom quickly obliged--little gold digger that she is.

But black just wasn't my color. I felt too much like Garth Brooks.

So we went for white, which mommy thought suited me (of course--she's agreeable cause she wants the income!). I said white washed me out. So they asked me what other color does a country boy wear?!

Well, John Deere Green, of course!

Daddy said to put it backwards, but mommy said that made me look bad boyish.

I decided to try out the gangsta look. Am I intimidating or what? Probably not appropriate for cattle roping.

And look what they ended up doing to me. Will someone call social services please?

I told Pop and Deda that since I could not find a fitting hat, I was gonna have to hold off on the job. At least until my head circumference increases. Maybe I can take up fishing instead? What kind of hats do they get to wear??

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