Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kitchen Window Dilemma- HELP

You guys were so much help with my bedroom decor dilemma that I thought I'd really test your skills and ask you about my breakfast room. I want to put some wall words on the long, thin space above the breakfast area.

However, my question is more about curtains. How am I to cover these windows? I know it desperately needs something, but when it comes to curtains, I pretty much pick floor length panels or nothing. Obviously, I'm no window treatment fashionista. I've checked out Nester's site for easy window "mistreatments," but am not sure any will work with how little space we have to work with.

I'll shut up now. Just give me you 2 cents. It has to be better than what I (don't) have up.


Rebecca Morin said...

I think that just 3 swags across the tops of the windows would dress it up. I definitely wouldn't do floor length panels. :)

Hope that helps. You'll have to post pictures of whatever you decide on.

I just started reading your blog, and I love it. Your son is adorable!

Rebecca in MA

Audra said...

@ Rebecca--Yeah, definitely not panels! The swags might work. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for fabric...I'll definitely post pictures if I do anything to the eyesore. Thanks for the sweet comments and for keeping up with us!

Kacie said...

I think 3 roman shades would look great in some funky colorful fabric! I like floor length panels, too! They're all over my house!

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