Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aspiration: Experienced Seamstress...or just using a needle without needing stitches

I really should have paid better attention in home economics back in junior high (yes, Missouri actually taught home ec to their 8th graders--it was fabulous!). It would have been MORE fabulous if I had realized I actually might need to sew a button on some pants one day. I am so needle-and-thread challenged, y'all. If I can finally get a needle threaded (took me at least 8 minutes tonight), I end up bleeding from 15 different pokes in just one finger. I need to wear 9 thimbles or invest in bandaids.

So sometimes this creative bone in me flares up, urging me to break out of my little comfort zone. (Using a needle & thread is breaking out of the zone for me.) So now I have this urge to applique some kind of onesie or shirt. The tutorial looks easy enough, but it does require a sewing machine or manual sewing. Definitely gonna forego the latter since it wouldn't even be wearable. I'm thinking maybe I'll get my mother in law to help me this weekend. She could sew anything!

Here's my list of things I'd like to "one day" make: (each project is linked)
1. Appliqued shirt
2. Apron
3. Modern Quilt (yeah, I'm a LONG way from here)
4. Felt food (for that future girl in my life!)
5. Pillowcase

So there you have it! Maybe by the time I'm knocking at death's door, I will have accomplished at least 4 of these....I'm not really holding out for the advanced quiltmaking. Eh, I can dream, right?

If I attempt the appliqued onesie this weekend, I WILL post my progress (ie, either brag til you're tired of hearing about it or put in my resignation for domestic goddess).


Hilary said...

Awesome! I've made Juliet an outfit, but I haven't had time to post it yet. I totally understand the creative crafty attack. I wish I would do more. I can start a project, but finishing it is another story. I'm scared it will end up terrible.

Ben and Audrey said...

you can do it!!!! i would love to try and do that myself, but i don't have a sewing machine & i can't sew by hand either!! uuuggghh. maybe i should have a tutorial session with my nanny!!! good luck!

Lori T said...

I'm right there w/ 'ya. The only thing I've made were our living room curtains, which I adore! But yeah, I've been really wanting to get into sewing, and my mom gave me her old sewing machine, so I'm gonna try. I think I'll start w/ a bandana dress. I'll let you know how it goes.

Audra said...

Hil, I have no problem FINISHING a project. It's getting started that's my problem. I'm clueless so many times, so I just dont' even try. So sad!

Lori, definitely use that sewing machine! What about a pillowcase dress? I hear they're not super difficult.

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