Monday, August 17, 2009

Women Vs. AC

What a fast weekend. (Aren't they all though?) We made the short trip down to the Delta for Kacie's shower; while we were there we spent the night with Andrew's mom and had so much fun. Andrew has been working his tail off for months now and simply requested that he get to do something "different" this weekend. I'll say he got it: went to bed early, watched cable television, slept in til 10:15 on Saturday, went bowfishing Saturday night, and took a 2 hour afternoon nap.

Ms. Debbie and I also kept pretty busy! We did lots of sewing for Kacie's shower gifts; thanks to that, a sewing machine is now at the top of my Christmas list...right after a new vacuum cleaner. (Am I the only woman alive who doesn't mind getting cleaning appliances for Christmas? I believe so. Got a dustbuster last year and love it.)

ANYWAY....Saturday night Andrew headed to the lake to bowfish. I told him to put that phone away and just enjoy himself! Around 9pm we were sewing, and Ms. Debbie commented she was hot. We attributed it to the lights above us and around the sewing machine and continued on. Well, 30 minutes later I was hot, and if I'm hot, rest assured everyone else is burning up. (My family is 'amening' right now.) The thermostat read 82. Ms. Debbie shined her flashlight out the window to look at the air conditioning compressor. It wasn't running. Greeeat. So I tried to call Andrew. Of course, he had no service and if he had, I had told him to put the phone away! I FINALLY got hold of Judd's phone, and he informed us it would be at least 2 hours before they got home, and the only thing they could do was to flip the breakers. Venturing outside was not an option to us at that point. Snakes. Mosquitos. Armadillos. In the country. No thanks.

Another hour passed and, it had risen from 82 to 86 degrees. By that time, we were sweating. We put on Ms. Debbie's strappy, airy nightgowns to cool off since all I'd brought was long PJ pants. It helped, but we still had sweat running down our backs. We finally decided we were going to get the guts to venture outside to flip the switch to the air conditioner. That's no small feat in the middle of the country for two "indoor girls." Ms. Debbie was scared of snakes. I was scared of being eaten alive by bird sized mosquitos.

Here's where it gets kinda funny. (Or maybe you just had to be there...not that you would have wanted to.) Ms. Debbie threw on her crocs and her black, silky housecoat. I changed into my jeans and Andrew's shoes since all I had were flip flops. Oh. And gloves. I didn't wanna have to touch anything nasty like spider webs. (Told you I was an indoors girl.)

We made our plan, counted to three, and jetted out the door, trying not to let 500000 mosquitos in the house when we opened & closed the back door (seriously, 50 will come in at time. No joke). We the car. The air conditioning felt so good! Then we drove through the front yard at 11:30pm around to the compressor, attempting to avoid getting the car stuck in an armadillo hole. It was a sight to behold. We were laughing so hard we were crying. I guess delirium was setting in! We made our plan of attack & jumped out. While Ms. Debbie held the flashlight, I flipped the switch up and back down...with my glasses all fogged up. We ran back to the car (I ran into the car. Couldn't see.) and slammed the doors. Wait. Had I flipped the switch to the on or off position? Back out I went! Glasses fogged up again. Barely was able to read "on." Ran into the car again. Got a mosquito bite.

Mosquitos- 1
Audra- 0

Got back into the car. No mosquitos buzzing in our ears. Success! (You really have to have at least visited the Delta after sunset to get the severity of mosquitos there.)

Mosquitos- 1
Audra- 1

Back inside. Compressor still not running, but at least Drew was still sleeping. Still 86 degrees and no sight of Andrew. We went back outside and flipped each and every breaker off and on, not realizing there was a main switch. Oh well. Still didn't work. Still sweating. But exhausted now.

So around 12am, we moved the furniture in the living room and pulled out a stand up fan. We each slept on a couch until 1:15 when Andrew woke us up. With the flip of one switch, he'd gotten the air restarted. How is that?! I couldn't muster up the energy to get frustrated that he'd won the battle of the air conditioner without our great plan (and attire). I was just relieved to sleep in an air conditioned room. The next morning it was 68 degrees. Ahhhh. Even this cold natured woman didn't complain!

Needless to say, I don't think camping is in my near future. Unless it includes a camper...with airconditioning.

(Pictures of sewing projects, swimming, and showers to come soon! Gotta grab a shower before Little Man awakens!)


Stacey said...

Hilarious. You tell a great tale. Thank you for providing a laugh for me tonight!

Kacie said...

You're way worse than I am!

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