Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free Schwann's Food!

Lori posted last week about the free Schwann's food to the first 500,000 customers. Well, they haven't reached their quota yet because it's still going on!

Just my 2 cents: their ice cream sandwiches are to die for!

You get:

-One item of $10 or less for free (can't combine two lesser items--it will only subtract the most expensive one)
-Free shipping if there's already a route in your area. If not, try your work zipcode.
-To pay tax in some states. Hey, 6 cents is not a bad deal for otherwise free food!

Go to the site here and enter your zipcode. After you select your meals, you'll go to check out and will need to register on their site. If you owe any money after the 10 dollar deduction, you can pay it when they deliver your food. (Gotta scrape up 6 cents...)

Thanks, Lori!

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Lori T said...

You're welcome! And just so your readers will know, too. Don't let the delivery man con you; if it shows free shipping on your emailed invoice, don't pay them $1 or anything else!

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