Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimming & Sewing

We tried forever to get a good shot of the 3 of us. In doing so, we held up the line at church!

I don't have a great picture of the back of Drew's outfit, but it's monogrammed with "Andrew," his actual first name; this was my Andrew's outfit when he was a baby! It was so surreal to see my baby in my husband's infant clothes. We're gonna wear this outfit out for the rest of the summer!

We went swimming Saturday. Drew didn't have quite as much fun as we expected. He wanted to be out of the pool, running around exploring. We stayed about an hour. Just long enough for me to get a light sunburn! Don't worry--Drew had on 3 layers of sunblock.

Onto the sewing part....

My sweet neighbor Daphne has lived next door for two and a half years. She and her hubs have 3 gorgeous kids; she owns/runs her own small business doing embroidery (Fuzzy Lemons). Good people. Met her for the first time Friday. I wish I were kidding! When I made mention on facebook last week that I wanted to learn how to do an applique, sweet Daphne stepped right up and offered for me to come over the next day!

She didn't know what a novice she had on her hands, but she found out quickly! Drew's long sleeved onesie turned out so cute, and if it weren't in the wash, I'd post a picture of it now. (Better than that--I'll try and take one of Drew wearing the onesie later!)

We cut a lowercase d out of fabric (just blew up one in a cute font in Word) and used wonder under to attach it to the shirt. Then Daphne let me on her sewing machine. Brave girl, that Daphne!

I learned so much between Daphne and my incredible mother in law this weekend. Seriously. Need. A. Sewing. Machine!

Daphne's student hard at work, messing up a zigzag stitch. ;)

Okay, so I can take NO credit for the bag. My mother in law did that. However, I did do a few of the burp cloths and the diaper wipes case (only hot glue and fabric required)! If I have a little girl down the road, she'll be getting some more similar to these!


Shannon said...

Very cute! You will become addicted!!!! Drew will have a shirt in every color with a "D" on it:)

Justin said...

so awesome!!!!

Audra said...

Shannon--I've already looked for other plain colored shirts to put the same "d" on!!!

Justin--You comment?! He's alive!!

Hamlett Daily Dose said...

How cool!! Can I come take some lessons too?! I actually went and bought some stuff to do an appliqued onesie this weekend. However, I was going to hand stitch rather than using a sewing machine. Sewing machines intimidate me :)

Audra said...

@Hamlett DD--I'm sure you'd be welcome if you didn't live 10000 miles away!! Sewing machines intimidate me too. Big words like bobbin make my head spin. LOL I was gonna hand stitch too, and I think it would have looked just fine...just would have taken longer. GIVE IT A TRY!

Hilary said...

Actually that was me...he is alive though! He was wondering the same about Andrew. Our hubs are so busy!

Kacie said...

I love the swimming pictures. That water looks DIVINE.

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