Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Catching a Whiff of Fall

It's faint. The whiff, I mean. But it's there.

Fall is about to be on our heels. Is anyone else looking forward to cooler weather, similar to yesterday? I know we are. It means Drew might can play outside without requiring a bath due to that icky, sweaty smell afterwards.

You know what else fall means? Fall decor and a new front door wreath-DIY of course. Yet another reason Hobby Lobby is calling my name. (My husband can't hear it calling my name, but he has bad hearing so.....) Did you know Hobby Lobby has a new credit card they're advertising? We don't do credit cards anymore, but if we did....

I always do some sort of fall foliage on our stairway, but it's going to be a challenge this year with a certain little pair of extra hands around. Yeah, that foliage will be demolished no less than 2 days after I put it out!

With fall comes the flu. It's a necessary evil. However, with the flu comes flu shots. And with flu shots comes my smidge of income. I'm doing PRN work again this year giving shots for churches, businesses, etc. I've got my mind made up to I'm saving for several things: a sewing machine, fabric, bedroom curtains, and a new duvet cover. I better sign up for a lot of shifts, huh? I should add a vacuum cleaner to that list since ours is about "sucked out," but that's no fun. Oh and maybe I should add "washing machine" as well...but that's not nearly as much fun as a new duvet cover. So I'm stickin' with the original list.

Ohhh. And how can one do fall without a new Yankee candle that smells like pumpkin, apple, or some sort of pie? Well, I guess if you didn't have $22 to shell out on a wick and wax you could figure out a way to survivie, but what if you had a really good coupon? Like this one? Now we're talking....

I'm off to find a way to save some moolah on household necessities. Gotta look up the deals at Target and Kroger for this week. I might even venture to try my hand at Walgreens (eeeek!). If there's anything incredible, I'll let you know so you can get in on the action.


Ben and Audrey said...

you & i speak the same language!!! i heart fall. i love that its been cool outside, so i don't feel so guilty about dragging jack around to run my errands. i love the thought of needing to wear a sweatshirt or long sleeves. i can't wait to order hot chocolate or an apple cider & make some yummy soups on a chilly night!!

i love fall decor & hobby lobby. i was just thinking of making a trip there very soon. and those pumpkin, spice, autumn candles are calling my name!! i usually go with a cheap $5 one at walmart. but i'm totally gonna print that coupon!!

yay for the changing of seasons. the best part about fall?!! it brings christmas!!!!!

Hilary said...

it's been feeling like fall here too! I love it. we've been going on walks in the mornings. super coupon.

Kacie said...

I think you're just remembering smelling my fall candle when you were here Sunday. Because I totally jumped the gun on lighting the fall scent candle!

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