Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today I:

Sat with Drew at the back door as he stared at the rain.
Got a little boy out of his first mud puddle.
Slept in til 7:37.
Watched Drew feed himself with a fork for the first time.
Shopped at Kroger.
Actually wanted to do self check out.
Limit was 30 items.
Saved 75 dollars in coupons.
Closed my eyes outside and listened to the birds.
Got the courage to pull a weed in my flower bed-without gloves.
Almost had a spider run across my hand.
Screamed and nearly scared Drew.
Decided not wearing gloves was stupid.
Fought Little Man for an afternoon nap.
Lost the battle.
Flirted with my husband.
Spent too much time on facebook.
Reorganized my pantry.
Decided I have enough food to feed an army.
But I won't be able to find anything for lunch tomorrow that I want.
Sacrified sleep to do this post.

For no good reason at all!

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