Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 14 months, Drew!!

My sweet Drew,

This last month has, by far, been one of my favorites. You are just booming in learning things. You are connecting items with words, learning to say things, further developing your personality, and asserting yourself!

I'm not really sure how to break down all you're learning, so I'll just do it in a "may be hard to follow along" paragraph:

You say "dat" whenever you see a cat or dog, dance to any rhythmic noise (vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, dryer, hair dryer, etc), wave byebye, sign "more," bring me your shoes when you want to go outside, get SOOOO excited when we go out, run for your lawn mower when you cross the outdoor threshold, love your family members, can't get enough of the outdoors, test the limits by seeing how close you can get to the road, have the cutest laugh, have started spitting out your food if it's not what you want (about to drive me nuts), love to snack, finally drink whole milk if I put a little chocolate in it, play well by yourself, love to play chase, cover your own face to play peekaboo (with your hands, the curtains, or a towel), love "I'm gonna get you" game, really love bathtime with daddy, are obsessed with flipping light switches, love playing with blind cords or fan pulls, are going through further separation anxiety at times, run like it's going out of style, are covered in bruises and scrapes, and fall all the time but hardly ever cry about it.

Eating: We're finally to just solid food. No more baby food at 75 cents/jar! Yay! Up until last week you were content with whatever you were fed! It was quite lovely and easy. Since then, you've started spitting your food out when you either don't like it or don't want it. It's driving us batty! Welcome to toddlerhood, huh? You really like 2% milk plain, but I have to put chocolate in whole milk or you'll throw the sippy down. I can't say I blame you. Ick. You could live on teddy grahams, animal crackers, goldfish, and yogurt puffs. You still love to drink water.

Sleep: You finally sleep pretty well in your playpen when we travel. You take a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoons. It all depends on your mood! You almost always sleep through the night from about 8pm-7:45am. Mommy & Daddy usually watch a movie and eat junk food after you go to bed. It's our guilty pleasure and stress reliever!

Gross motor skills: You run whenever possible, crawl up any steps, sometimes get down the steps, and are on the brink of being able to climb onto the couch.

Words people use to describe you: ACTIVE, happy, busy, fast, sneaky, loving. Oh and we get comments on your beautiful eyes wherever we go!

You are so much fun, Drew! You keep us on our toes, but we wouldn't have it any other way!


Ben and Audrey said...

cute post!!!

i was excited to read that there IS a stage where they finally switch over to solid food. jack just isn't loving it. i mean he'll eat fruit loops (super healthy) and a little spaghetti, maybe little pieces of plain pancakes & some french fries. but he still wants the baby food fruits and a few veggies. but the odd thing is, he want the pureed stuff still. he is NOT into the baby food meals, like, turkey dinner or lasagna or beef vegetable dinner. he will literally gag if i try to feed it to him. he does love the baby yogurt. which i love. so i'm getting a little frustrated. but i guess i should just keep trying the solid food?!

drew sounds like so much fun. jack is a blast & i'm sure i'll love those toddler stages!!

p.s. i had a random dream last night that you told me you were pregnant!!! weird, i know. you just sent me a message over facebook. i thought it was funny!!!

Hilary said...

what a sweetie! can't wait to see y'all again.

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