Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family Costume Ideas

My husband has no idea about what I'm about to write about, so let's keep this between us. Okay? Okay. Lean in so you can hear me...

This year for Halloween we are dressing up as a family. I'm trying to think of a cute group costume idea that we can pull off inexpensively. I want your creative ideas. Here are the requirements:

1. Nothing that starts with sexy or scandalous. (Ex: sexy nurse, scandalous police officer. Um, no thanks.)

2. Cannot require a headpiece for Drew. It won't last 0.5 seconds.

Okay, that's not bad so surely you guys can come up with something! I was trying to think of a Heroes related costume (since we're major fans and all), but Drew could only be Matt Parkman's baby...and that's not gonna be cute in pictures since there's nothing special about the kid. (Well...except that he can make electronics work without touching them.)

Here are ideas I'm considering so far:

1. Jon & Kate with Drew as Collen (Collen was our favorite, but that wouldn't be a cute costume for Drew)
2. Barbie, Ken & baby (or dog! That way Drew could be a puppy!)
3. Farmer, Wife, and Farm Animal
4. Some kind of candy theme?
5. Cinderella, Prince, and Gus-Gus the mouse (He would make a darling mouse! But I don't know if Andrew would wanna wear a tail...)
6. Nintendo characters (Mario, Princess, and donkey kong)

Andrew is probably gonna fly in with some crazy idea like, "How about Drew and I go as camouflaged hunters and you be a deer?!" So, honey, let me just tell you I'm vetoing that already.



Hilary said...

I vote for the Nintendo! That would be really cute. Didn't Mandy B. do a cute candy theme last year. That was worth repeating!

Luke & Amanda said...

Haha! Great minds think alike...I thought of Cinderella, Prince, and Gus-Gus! Precious!

Jackie said...

How about Shrek, Fiona, and Boots? But I really like the Cinderella (my favorite fairy tale) and your little Drew would be so cute as Gus Gus!

Stacey said...

Fun!!! I love all of the ideas. A few to add: Barney, Betty, and BamBam Rubble or Recycle his lion costume and be the lion, tin man (or scarecrow), and Dorothy from the Wizard of Ox.
My mom always made our (me and two siblings) costumes when I was a kid and we had 2 years that were themed. One year we were the Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon, Theodore). Another year we were each a crayon and my dad was the crayon box. I wish I could find the pictures cause I am sure it would be a good laugh!!!

Ben and Audrey said...

hey girl. thanks for the comment on my birthday party post. i'm trying not to stress! i love your idea of serving apple cider, think i'll do that! and i love the shirt idea. i believe i'll steal that too!!

i vote for the farmer, farmer's wife & farm animal. i think that's adorable. i've been trying to think of something that my little family could dress up as too!! you've given me a few good ideas. i'll let you know if i think of other stuff!

Kacie said...

I like all of them except Jon & Kate - because I can't stand them. :) Very creative ideas, by the way. :)

Mark and Mandy said...

I did candy last year. I made Mark's and my costumes. He was a Sugar Daddy and I was an M&M. I bought Reed's Tootsie Roll. The costumes were easy to make...just time-consuming. I also coordinated ou trunk-or-treat decorations with a candy theme which was easy enough. I like the Nintendo idea! Also, maybe Super Heroes. Target has a cute Robin and Batman for Drew. They also have a cute little doctor costume. Drew could be a dr., you a nurse, and Andrew the patient. I hadn't planned on doing family costumes again, but you've inspired me to get started! (I've already bought 3 costumes for Reed...gotta decide and take 2 back!)

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