Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogger Widget Help

I've had a few people ask how certain features on my blog and how to get them on their blogs as well. Instead of rewrite it each time, I'm going to link it all up here! Hope this helps some of you!
  • To put a cute signature at the bottom of your post, go here: My Live Signature (Pick a font, a size, the signature color, and a slope. It should then tell you you're finished. See all those little buttons for all the different sites? Click on the orange blogger button. If you enter your blogger user name, password, and blogsite, it will then add your signature for you!)
  • To get a counter, there are several sites you can choose from. I chose: Site Meter. Why? It's free, easy to use, and breaks down where your visitors are from, how they got to your site, etc.
  • To put the links to older posts at the bottom of each blog post: Link Within. This is fairly easy to use, but if I remember correctly, once you enter this very little information and click "Get Widget," it automatically puts it into your layout of your blog. So don't think it's not working when nothing happens! Go look on your layout to find it, then move it underneath the post section of your blog. If you can't get the colors to match up, contact customer service. They're fast and fix the problems quickly!
  • Other cool stuff, including stick figure families: Widdly Tinks

Hope this helps a few of you! Happy blogging!

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Leah said...

Awesome. Thanks!!!

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