Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dallas Bound

We've always known we were a bit loony, but now we know for sure. Andrew is heading to Dallas on business at the end of this month, and Drew and I have decided to join him. (Well, really, I didn't think I could handle this terrible stage alone so I told Andrew we were going, regardless.) This wouldn't be a big deal for most families--most families with great traveling babies, that is. Drew....not so much a good traveling baby. Actually a very poor traveler. So, please, for the sake of me not pulling all my hair out of my head on an 8 hour drive, please give me ideas of things to do to keep him busy!

I'm on my way to Goodwill's book store to pick up some "new-to-him" books since he loves reading in the car. Someone also mentioned a Mr. Potato Head that I'm going to pick up at Target. Anything else you can think of would be MORE than appreciated.


Amy said...

Audra, Jessica has had to make 8-9 hour car trips since she was born. I had another friend ask what to do to make it an easy trip. Our number one cardinal rule: Do NOT stop unless you HAVE to!!!! (My friend said that worked out great for them as well!) She seems to loose track of the time and the more you stop the more she thinks the trip should be over with! I keep a bag of toys right next to her seat that she can take out herself. We also pack a bunch of kid cds as well as snacks I know she likes. One thing I learned on our last trip: pack DIFFERENT toys to play with while you are there!!!!!! Otherwise the trip back with not go as well!!!

Audra said...

Oh very good tip about packing different toys! I hadn't thought of that! Thanks, Amy!

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