Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Temper Tantrum

As if I doubted that Drew was a stubborn, strong willed child, he has decided to prove it over the last few days. Two words: temper tantrum. Over EVERYTHING.

Can't play with the broom while Mommy sweeps? Tantrum.
Can't vacuum while mommy vacuums? Tantrum.
Can't go outside when it's raining? Tantrum.

You get the picture. Add that to the fact that I think I've said, "No, Drew" so many times today that my voice is hoarse. Add that to him getting into EVERYTHING: dishwasher, fireplace, cabinets (reaches his hand inside even with the lock), etc. Add THAT to the fact he "undoes" everything I just did: puts clean dishes onto floor, purposely spills chocolate milk on newly mopped floor, turns over stack of folded towels, drags clean clothes out of laundry basket and puts them back in the dryer, pulls things out of drawers that I JUST put in there. Makes me feel like....well...in one word....


And that was said more than once today. The neighbors probably heard me. Good thing they both have 3 kids each.

So Drew and I both shed tears today on more than one occasion. Any other mom out there ever had one of these days? Thank you, God, for bedtime. Can I get an "Amen?!" How about some advice? Please...I'm willing to try anything short of beating him silly. Comment away.


Ben and Audrey said...

girl. i've had one of those days. i kept 3 kids ages 2 & under for 11 hours!!!!! uggghhh. i mean i love all of the kids (especially mine!!) but o geez. if i had to change one more poopy diaper (i changed 5), put in one more paci (5000 times), console a crying 7 month old little girl while i feed jack & put together a puzzle with a 2 year old, then i just might explode. i mean, 6:45 when i got off work, just could not come soon enough!!!!

Jack isn't quite as mobile as drew yet, but i know its coming. i love my boy, more than anything, but some days i just need 7 p.m. to get here asap!!! hang in there, and get yourself some time alone. hand drew over to the hubby & run somewhere, anywhere for a couple hours. you will feel better.

can you believe people do this job 24/7 with 2 kids?! they are insane. o wait, i'm due with baby #2 in less than 4 months. i am that crazy woman!

hope you have an easier day tomorrow!!!

Jackie said...

I don't have any advice, except "hang in there." Our little Peanut is two months behind your little one...I guess this is what I have to look forward to? I am sure you're doing a great job. :)

Shannon said...

I feel like I have "one of those days" at least once a week!!! It's especially worse when my husband is gone at night. The girls are usually in bed at least 30 minutes earlier on those nights:)

My only advice would be to do those things during naptime or after he is in bed (I know that is not what you wanted to hear because nap and bedtime are my favorite times to relax!). Morgan LOVES to get in the dishwasher while I'm loading or unloading. I have given up and just do it during her nap or later. It just makes me angry if I try while she thinks she's having fun!

Hang in there...it just gets more fun!! :)

Amy said...

I had to say something because I think Jessica sounds A LOT like Drew! Around 18 months, she stopped being interested in ANY toys. She got into everything and got everything out! I could not get a single thing done! There have been many nights I just had enough! However, I am beginning to adjust.

We spend more time outside and going places (to avoid messing up MY house). I also realized (because of a teacher friend) that my child is fascinated with different textures so now we spend some time playing with rice, water, sand, dirt, dry beans, shaving cream, etc. periodically (preferably on the porch!!!) We also invested in cabinet locks that loop over the knobs.....she still hasn't gotten into those, and if my kid can't get into them, then nobody can!!!

My mother also told me that it is a short phase. Between 18 mos and 2 years, some kids get too big for baby stuff and too little for big kid stuff and feel the need to check out how things work (like spilling milk on clean floors). I keep think "It's a phase. It's a phase. It's a phase."

It is a challenge to be even more creative than your child, to constantly try to stay one step ahead of them, and change your strategy as they change. I think right before two and about two and a half they are learning and developing soooo quickly that it really becomes challenging and stressful for the parents (especially mom). Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I am sure you are doing a wonderful job!!

Audra said...

Thanks for the advice so far. Tomorrow my goal will be to not do housework during the day if he's "into everything" and to remember: "it's a phase!" Thanks girls.

S. said...

See, if he were a dog, we'd crate train him. Now be glad I do not have children :-)

Hilary said...

I'm sorry that you've had a challenging day. I totally love the commercial. I think you should try it. lol. let me know how it goes.

Audra said...

Shellaline--do they make toddler crates? JUST KIDDING!

Hilary--I tried it yesterday. Didn't work. Just got a funny look from neighbors since I was in the front yard. I don't recommend it.

Kelly said...

Oh man, I wish I had some magic answer, but we're still going through that. Although Tate's tantrums now involve hitting me...which is oh so lovely. I had a day last week where he and I were both in tears. It wasn't pretty. Everything I hear and read says to stay calm and consistent. MUCH easier said than done, but that's my strategy each day. We'll see if it pays off in a few years! :)

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