Monday, October 26, 2009


I had been thinking lately that it was probably time to wean Drew. About 6 weeks or so ago I really thought it might be the last time I nursed him because he was really showing a lack of interest in nursing. So, that night I took it all in. I tried to take mental photos of exactly how sweet my precious boy looked as he nursed. I remembered nursing for the first time, at 1 week, at 8 weeks, at 6 months. How he would kick his feet around and smile while he nursed. Beautiful memories no one can take from me. I cried and prayed and thanked God for such a sweet blessing.

Weeks went by and Drew suddenly became very attached to nursing again right before bedtime. I began to think I might end up nursing a 125 lb. 9th grader if I didn't put an end to this. But how?! Nursing was our crutch; it made bedtime so easy!

Well, last week Drew cut 3 more teeth. And seriously 5 more are peeking through now. That's 11 teeth plus 5 coming in that were joining us in our nightly nursing sessions. Last Monday night I bit my lip through it. Tuesday night's nursing session lasted about 1.5 seconds--long enough for me to get well acquainted with each tooth. I unlatched him and that was it. No turning back! He hasn't fussed once and has gone down for naps and nighttime beautifully.

The last nursing session wasn't exactly as I had imagined, but it was time! Breastfeeding was so hard in the beginning. I wasn't sure I would make it to 6 months, let alone a year. But then it became second nature and that time was "our" time--one no would else could replace it. I'm so thankful God gave me the opportunity to nourish my sweet boy for the first 15 months of his life. It's been a beautiful process!

(Now please bear with me as my hormones are going nuts and I'm eating myself out of house & home!)


Hilary said...

*tear* I cannot believe how grown up our babies are getting

Ben and Audrey said...

good for you!! i was only able to nurse Jack for 7 months b/c i got pregnant again. but i'm looking forward to that sweet time with Jovie! it really is such a blessing to be able to nurse your baby!!

i'm so glad he's weaned so well. now, go eat some chocolate!!

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